Our products are manufactured by the Thermal Packaging Division of MP Global Products located in Norfolk, NE. After several years of development, MP Global successfully launched its entry into the Cold Chain packaging industry during the September 2010 Cold Chain Forum held in Philadelphia. Our biodegradable enhanced cotton insulation products were among the most innovative products offered at the show. Thus began our journey into multiple product categories, and, as a result, we now offer an industry-first variety of unique, patented, biodegradable cotton enhanced insulation and/or recyclable temperature-control packaging solutions.

These “environmentally conscious” solutions include everything from Insulated Envelopes, Custom Insulated Box Liners, Pie and Cake Shippers, PTAB Box Liners (Protective Thermal Absorbent Blankets), Chilled Wine Shippers, and Insulated Pallet Covers.

As customers began to discover our unique product line, MP Global continues to gain recognition and support from the cold chain community. More and more customers are finding out that our products outperform other insulated shipping products, save them time, space, money, and dramatically improve their sustainability efforts. We are proud to be a pioneer and leader for the next generation of earth friendly biodegradable cotton enhanced insulated packaging products.

For information on other MP Global Products, go to: www.mpglobalproducts.com