MP Global's Pie and Cake Shippers offer an environmentally preferable foam-free, two part insulation liner specifically designed for temperature control and extra soft cushioning protection.  Our super insulated Pie & Cake shipping system fits snuggly into a protective corrugated outer box and employs our proprietary insulating padding manufactured from recycled, purified, biodegradable cotton enhanced textile fibers.  This special cotton enhanced insulation material is completely biodegradable in less than one year as tested by ASTM D-6400 and meets the 2013 FTC Green Guidelines.   This special insulation is sandwiched between two layers of either solid or perforated poly films.  These special films contain a patented additive that promotes biodegradation in plastics in greater than one year in a landfill environment, as tested by ASTM 5511.  For added protection, the liners also contain an EPA approved antimicrobial to aid in the prevention of cross-contamination, thus allowing the option for multiple uses if desired. 

MP Global's Pie and Cake Shipper’s two-part insulation liners are reversible to allow for frozen shipments utilizing the solid dry ice film on one side or the perforated film for refrigerated shipments that use frozen gel packs that often condensate during the thawing process.  These tiny perforations in the film will allow spills or unwanted condensation from gel packs to be wicked away from you product and absorbed into the insulation fibers. This process is boosted by the addition of superabsorbent fibers bonded to the textile fibers during the thermal sterilization process in manufacturing.

This unique system, combined with the strategic placement of the refrigerant, makes the Pie and Cake Shipper an ideal thermal-protective shipping system not only for Pies and Cakes but, also, for other temperature-sensitive food products

What sets our Pie and Cake Shipper apart from foam- type shipping containers is:



13 x 13 x 8

Custom Custom Size at no additional cost

Note to Purchaser: Neither seller or manufacturer shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use or the inability to use this product. Seller and manufacturer's only obligation shall be to replace product proven to be defective.



Pie Gourmet,
Vienna, VA

"We sent my daughter (in Honeoye Falls, NY) a Shipper containing 2 of our pies, on Monday, that she received on Wednesday afternoon. She said that the pies were perfect, with no damage to the crust or the top, and the refrigerant was still frozen."

Marie Merenda, owner