MP Global's Thermal Box Liners offer an environmentally preferable foam-free, two part insulation liner specifically designed for temperature control and protection inside your corrugate shipping boxes. Our patented “super” insulated box liners employ new Ultra-Insulating padding made from select, purified biodegradable recycled cotton enhanced textile fibers sandwiched between two layers of either solid or perforated poly film. The liner's components are reversible to allow for frozen shipments utilizing the dry ice film or perforated film for refrigerated shipments using gel packs. These films contain a patented additive that promotes biodegradation in plastics in greater than one year, as tested by ASTM 5511.

The liner ’s biodegradable cotton enhanced insulation consists of super-absorbent fibers that aid in the containment of moisture either from unwanted condensation or accidental spills. The addition of an EPA-approved antimicrobial additive, for prevention of cross-contamination, allows for continued or multiple use of the liners. The cotton enhanced insulation material is completely biodegradable in less than one year as tested by ASTM D-6400 and meets the 2013 FTC Green Guidelines. This unique combination provides the superior thermal protection necessary for extended temperature-controlled time frames.MP Global's liners can easily and safely protect all manner of temperature-sensitive products from medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, confectionary, and cosmetics to a wide variety of food and perishables. MP Global’s two part box liners are custom manufactured at no additional charge to fit tightly inside your specific size shipping carton.


Note to Purchaser: Neither seller or manufacturer shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use or the inability to use this product. Seller and manufacturer's only obligation shall be to replace product proven to be defective.